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Surface miner loading on truck

EXW Services

EXW Services International Freight Forwarding

As a freight forwarder, we take care of your goods starting from door pick up, packing and crating. Besides, we take care of all land haulage permits required by the statutory authority of the state so that your goods can reach you hassle-free. We arrange for export and import customs cleanse and furnish other documentary compliance to the concerned departments of the state.

Car Shipping Services

Car Shipping Services

RORO shipping mode for wheeled and tracked machinery is the safest and easy way of moving the goods overseas. We transport trucks, Excavators, Surface Miners, Wheel Loaders, Asphalt Pavers, Cranes and Trenchers, to cut a long story short, all kinds of heavy machinery used in construction, mining, farming and oil and gas exploration.

Voyage Ship Chartering

Voyage basis Ship Chartering

Mars Aviation and Shipping corporation offer dry bulk charter shipping for steel products, mines and minerals as well as self-propelled equipment. For those who trade in bulk quantity, charter shipping is a very good option to save time and money. We provide voyage-basis charter shipping for project cargo. We do not offer a time charter service or chartering for perishables.

Freighter Chartering

Freighter Chartering - Single Way or Round Trip

Some projects need urgent delivery of machines or parts to keep continue the production process. We cater for the need for urgent delivery of the shipment by providing air freighter charter services all around the world no matter how distant is the location of the final delivery of cargo. We can arrange a private cargo plane for your at a very short notice.

Instant Freight Quote

Instant Freight Quote

How fast one can act on someone’s request gives the first glimpse of the timely delivery of services promised by any international transport. We work proactively on each and every request we receive for shipping quotations. We work even faster for those requests which provide us with the proof of machinery purchased so that client can get fast delivery of his machine.

Third Country Shipping

Third Country Shipping

Today’s world is a global village. Machinery Traders buy the machine sitting a thousand miles away from the seller. Many of the buyers want to ship their machine to a country where they have sold that. With a strong worldwide network and 20+ years of shipping experience, we can ship machines from any corner of the world to any destination on this globe.

Best Shipping Price Guaranteed

Best Shipping price

The overall price to be spent on a project is vital for every machinery buyer or seller to ensure the feasibility of a project on the economical ground no matter it is the shipping price or machinery buying cost. At Mars Aviation and Shipping Corporation you will find the best shipping quotation with premium services. We don’t promise the cheapest price as we don’t compromise our quality of services. Every price low by a penny downgrades the quality of services.

Dismantling & Container Shipping

Dismantling and Container Shipping

RORO and bulk carriers do not call all the ports in the world. Even if they agreed to call a port is on an inducement basis which is extremely expensive. We can tear down the machinery to reduce height, width, length and weight so that the machinery can be loaded into shipping containers easily. In exceptional cases, machinery dismantling and container shipping are happens to be cheaper compared to RORO shipping but in the most of cases RORO shipping is better.

International Freight Forwarding

As an international freight forwarder, we are well experienced in moving the big machinery used in construction, mining, agriculture, oil and gas industry. We are one the best international auto transport company experienced in handling transport of big automobile machinery from all auctioneers like Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, Iron Planet, MachineryTrders, EuroAuctions, Dovebid are a few to name here. We are moving machinery from these auctioneers for more than a decade.